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The main reason for my whish to create 'free art lessons for beginners' goes far back to my childhood, back to my introduction to painting- more than 50 years ago! Art has been such a fulfilling experience that it has helped me throughout my life in avoiding bad decisions and wrong directions that I could otherwise have taken. Art has become something of a guide and protector in life; and everything in my life is related to art. I am so dearly thankful to art that I want to share my knowledge and experience with everybody who is a beginner in art. One more thing, let me tell you that I consider myself a “beginner” or as I like to say, "a laborer of the arts.”

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hmartstudio.com features some of my oil paintings, such as my self-portrait, as well as views of New York City (Landscapes).

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Hello, my name is Hector Marin-Arias, I am a visual artist and you have reached my website: free art lessons for beginners. Here you will find free art lessons videos, designed for beginners, on painting with watercolor, acrylics, oil, and pastels, as well as working with clay.

My videos will show you how to use many different techniques and concepts, as for example: implementing a grid, wash, composition, scale-drawing, perspective, chiaroscuro, and sfumato, just name a few. My videos will also touch upon color theory as I use all the pigments and mixes that I can handle with my palette.

Even though you will find videos on different painting techniques, and yes, I do want you to try different techniques, I would also like to recommend you trying watercolors first. Watercolor painting is in my opinion one of the most efficient ways to familiarizing oneself with many of the technical aspects and pictorial effects that play an important role in all the other painting techniques. This is why I put more emphasis in painting with watercolors. Once you are familiar with such techniques and their secrets, you can then start expanding into other techniques. You will notice than many of the technical elements that go into watercolor painting also do apply to say, acrylics for example.
With 'free art lessons for beginners' you have the opportunity to try different painting techniques. It is my hope that with time you will be able to find the painting technique(s) that will allow you to comfortably express your feelings and thoughts.

But please, don't get me wrong, I am not teaching a course in "how to paint with watercolors" or a course in "how to paint with acrylics" or any other specific technique. My idea behind creating 'free art lessons for beginners' is so as to provide a space where art-beginners can come and be exposed to different art techniques, completely free and with no pressure whatsoever. I want my website to provide a place where you can decide, after trying a few techniques, which painting technique fits you best when expressing your feelings and artistic inspiration.